Narcissism — or, tracking your own blog stats

I'm Googling you.
I'm Googling you.

The WordPress Site Stats plugin is a handy tool for creepin’ on my own blog. It identifies which posts attract the most traffic, which websites refer to my page and what search terms people use that bring them to the site.

I get a particular kick out of reviewing search engine terms. Some of these terms are a testament to the SEO-friendliness of certain posts — for example, Google searches for “Brenda Song” and “Joanna Newsom” have brought several a surfer to Every now and then somebody finds me by searching my first and last name — not a big deal, since I Google myself (and others) an arguably unhealthy amount.

But one semi-popular search term in recent weeks is… atypical. First, “lauren sieben, i’m in love with.” Interesting. Yesterday, I got two more hits from the search term: “lauren sieben is in love with.”

These terms have also led the Mystery Googler to Meryn’s blog, according to her Site Stats, and rightly so. Cause I’m in love with her.

I’m not going to speculate about the identity of the Mystery Googler. Perhaps I’ve come across so heartless in my scathing pop culture commentary and my whiny posts about unemployment that the Googler doubts my ability to love — and in fairness, I am totally devoid of the human “love” gene. Aside from my fiery feelings for Meryn, beholder of all my love genes. Hey, that’s almost a weird pun.


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