In case you doubted that sexism still exists…


…let’s take quick peek into the world of Internet commenters from my sweet home, Chicago, on this article.

Sara Glashagel, 27, a special education teacher who is the wife of Antioch’s head football coach, allegedly got hold of an administrative password and inflated the grades for 64 students — 41 of them football players, authorities said.

[Antioch police Chief Craig Somerville] said that while most of the students whose grades were changed were football players, many had no eligibility issues; other students did not participate in any extracurricular activities.

“Our understanding is that some changes were made to make it less obvious, so it wasn’t football players only,” Somerville said.

—Chicago Tribune, Nov. 22, 2011

The article brings to mind what I think is an important and timely topic, especially in wake of recent events: the stranglehold of football programs on our nation’s schools, high schools and universities alike.

And hey, wouldn’t this be a great time for Internet comment boards? Community members could discuss how the overemphasis on athletics may be compromising academics; or, if they don’t think that, they could say why it isn’t. Democracy! Free speech! Public forums! Changing the world, one productive comment at a time!

LOL just kidding, let’s talk instead about how freakin’ HOT this chick is with her tig ol’ bitties.

That’s clever—because she’s a woman, she’s going to have to resort to stripping. Good thing she’s got two great big knockers in her repertoire, she’ll need ’em on the pole.

HAHAHAHAH good one, cleananon. That Thoreau character needed to stfu already about bubblegum addictions.

Wait what? Who would do that to us???

Well, it looks like some jerk of a Tribune narc came in and ruined all the fun. Ughhhh, where am I going to find boob jokes and misogyny if not in the online comments section of a newspaper?

Too bad all morally corrupt people in the news aren’t sexy ladies. Think of all the fun we could have on comment boards if only every criminal was hott with two T’s and had a couple of major-league yabbos to boot.


The stats for my blog traffic over the last few hours. I’m mostly curious about the two people who searched for Sara Glashagel’s single boob.

4 Replies to “In case you doubted that sexism still exists…”

  1. Wow. I have to admit laughing a little when I saw your addendum. Don’t you just love it when people prove you right?

    1. I should have waited to post the addendum until the next day. Who know Sarah Glashagel’s breasts would be so SEO-friendly?

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