What I learned from THE SOCIAL NETWORK

  • Harvard kids (as represented in the film) are not any more intelligent or any less petty than the rest of us losers at state schools.
  • There is life after Disney for Brenda Song — at least in the role of a hot azn pyromaniac.
  • That dude from Napster was involved in Facebook.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is seriously lacking social graces. At least outside of his social network.
Brenda Song in The Social Network
Don't piss off Brenda Song. She'll set your bed on fire with a silk scarf.

And there you have it. Now you don’t even need to see the film! Though you may want to anyways — somehow, despite its premise of yuppies arguing over intellectual property, the movie is captivating enough to keep an audience (although it starts to drag towards the end). And kudos to Trent Reznor for his work on the film’s flawless instrumental score.


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