I like it on my blog.

I like it on this blog post.
I like it on my blog lololol.

Hey guys — wondering what all these sexually charged “I like it on the…” Facebook status updates are all about? Pretty hot huh??? Us girls are so clever! You big ol’ pervert, we’re not talking about where we like to do the deed, we’re telling you where we like to keep our purses! For Breast Cancer Awareness month!!! Cuz that totally makes sense!!!!!

I wasn’t a fan of the viral bra color updates last year, when my Facebook feed was inundated with “Purple!” “Black!” “Lacy!!!!” “Leopard and h0t p1nk!!” status updates. Nor am I a fan of the “I like it on the…” viral campaign. Can somebody explain to me — I mean really explain, using sound logic — how sexual Facebook statuses en masse are actually doing anything to raise awareness about breast cancer? How many guys are going to read “I like it in the shed” and instantaneously start caring about breast cancer? Zero. Men — and women — should care about breast cancer anyways, and I have a hard time believing that making breast cancer Sexy! and Fun! is actually doing anything to help the problem.

End rant.


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  1. Katie and Rachel, thanks for commenting AND for reposting this on Facebook. I’ve gotten more response to this post (mostly via Facebook) than any other I’ve written on the blog. And I’ve gotten more traffic to the site tonight in just a few hours than I’ve gotten even on my busiest days before this. Glad to know I’m not the only person with this opinion, and thank you again for your feedback.

  2. Last year, the bra thing ended up on the news. It got everyone talking for awhile. Besides, it’s fun! Where’s the harm in making the boys a little confused? (:

  3. Jasmine: I completely understand where you’re coming from. But here’s the bottom line, for me at least: You’re not incorrect in pointing out that this stunt will bring publicity to breast cancer awareness. Hell, I’ve contributed to that publicity by blogging about it. What’s troubling though is the TYPE of publicity the sexual Facebook statuses create. The bra color status updates and the “I like it on the…” status updates completely sexualize the issue of breast cancer — along with T-shirts with slogans like “Save the Boobs,” or the “Feel your boobies” campaign. No doubt that this kind of language will generate publicity, but is all publicity good publicity? I’d say no. If your mother was a breast cancer survivor, would you feel comfortable sexualizing the issue? Or your sister, or any woman you respected, really. To me, this is where the awareness campaign transcends harmless PR and begins sexualizing a disease.

  4. Agreed, nice post Lauren. And nice response about sexualizing the issue too, it makes me wonder why girls put it up – I think they want to do it more because it sounds fun than to raise awareness. On the shed? haha that sounds like a lost purse to me.

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