Targeting Women

Grl'z best, and only, friend.

Tonight I was eating yogurt and drinking red wine, admiring the flickering flame of my tea leaf & honey scented soy candle. Then I set down my spoon and felt like an idiot, like some kind of ladyloser straight out of a Sarah Haskins skit (PS Sarah Haskins if you ever [for some godforsaken reason] read this, I’m your biggest fan).

Then, after validating a few lady stereotypes — namely that my life is lonely and filled only with Yoplait, a chalice-size wine glass and scented candles — I remembered that I have this thesis to write about feminism that’s due, well, kinda soon.

And I really need your help! I need to locate contemporary feminist blogs — even better if these blogs include criticism or response to mainstream women’s magazines (i.e., Jezebel-style posts about things like Photoshop editing gone awry in Elle).

I already follow Jezebel, The XX Factor, Feministe, and Feministing. If you know of any other good feminist blogs or publications — independent bloggers, magazines, underground newspapers — please respond here or shoot me an email. You will be compensated for your help with an over-sized glass of Franzia at my next Grrlz Night, where we’ll watch The Notebook. Thx!!!

(Seriously though, please get in touch if you have any recommendations).


6 Replies to “Targeting Women”

  1. my absolute favorite is i recommend going back through the archives from a few years ago–it’s changed a lot, shifted from being the voice of one woman, sady doyle, to several voices, but it’s an incredible resource and always keeps me on my toes, in the best way. and sometimes it’s funny as hell.

    i’ve grown really wary of the big guys–jezebel, feministe and feministing– in the last few years…i feel like the little guys are way more critical/relevant/awesome. there’s a list of some of them on the right side of the page if you scroll down here:

    amanda hess is also pretty great…she just quit her blog for the washington city paper, i’m sure she’ll do something else soon:

    hmm…there are a million others, if i think of them i’ll send ’em yer way

  2. also, this is random, but you might want to read an essay in a roland barthes book called “mythologies” about female authors and female-targeted magazines in france in the 50s (50s? i think?). just to sort of approach that topic from a semiotics standpoint. i can send it to you, it’s super short

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