Joanna Newsom: commercial sensation???

Joanna Newsom
She'll sell you bras, and cell phones!

I was a little confused last year when my fave harpist Joanna Newsom was featured in a Victoria’s Secret ad. But yesterday at the gym — while probably watching an embarrassing VH1 show — I noticed Newsom’s dolphin-frequency vocals in another advertisement, this time for LG. What gives?! A little bit of Googling shows that Newsom’s “Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie” was featured in yet another commercial back in ’08.

Not to be a bitchy hipster, but I’m a little weirded out by Newsom’s apparent commercial appeal. Is she just broke, or what?


3 Replies to “Joanna Newsom: commercial sensation???”

  1. You need to be broke to agree to have your music used in a commercial?

    In the file-sharing/downloading age cult artists like Newsom don’t shift as many CDs as one might suppose. I imagine a little chunk of money from an advertiser is very welcome, and gives some exposure too.

  2. Mark, you raise a good point that I neglected to consider. I was taken aback by hearing Newsom in a commercial — you know, the principle of the thing — but I, too, would probably take the ad money if I were her.

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