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Siebs no longer in Spain

I flew home from Sevilla on June 8. I’ve been back for just over three weeks, and in that time I’ve already found a job, bought a car and moved. I’m relieved to be out of Spain. When I think about the past nine months, it’s like they never happened. I can only remember them … Continue reading »


Not something I’m compelled to see again. I finally went to La Maestranza and saw the whole ordeal for myself, for those of you who ask on the regular if I go to bullfights (which is probably none of you, since the people who ask me about bullfights on the regular tend not to be … Continue reading »

Mo’ Feria, menos mal

It’s finally time to talk about the Feria de Abril. I wrote in December about how excited I was to have a dress made this year. For a while, things were moving slow in the dressmaking department; I went for pruebas (fitting) with Elisa a few weeks ago and was worried about the fit—Shouldn’t it … Continue reading »

Confession from the Tin Woman

Sometimes when I’m sure that my heart has all but frozen, I have a fleeting tender moment with my roommate’s cat. This cat is temperamental with a diva’s caprice. She is only entertained by cardboard boxes, grocery bags and the leather straps from boots, and she grows bored of playing as soon as she starts. … Continue reading »


Today I was walking to one of my classes with a colleague at the high school. As we moved toward the staircase, a boy—about 12 years old—was walking down the stairs directly toward us. He cocked his head to the left in that telltale way and spit. People spit all the time here (mostly men), … Continue reading »

It’s been a really long week,

and right now this is the only thing that makes me feel better. (I know, the song is old and Kreayshawn doesn’t write her own rhymes and blahblahblahblah. Da igual. Bitch you ain’t no Barbie, I see you work at Arby’s.) I’m going to Gran Canaria tomorrow which is objectively awesome (you can’t find that? … Continue reading »

Moving Away From the Space Heater: Part 1

Space heaters, in their many forms, are a motif in my Spanish life. I am the prototype of the friolera; or as we’d clumsily call it in English, a person who’s always cold. During the winter months in Seville it’s a challenge to pry myself from the source of heat (though I should make more … Continue reading »

A high note

—my week of teaching ended on one. Can you believe it? I hardly could, after spending Monday-Wednesday doing everything in my power to keep from slipping into a screechy Gretchen Wieners-style meltdown. I lost my patience by 9:30 a.m. on Monday because of the nonstop noise in my classes (I also had one of my … Continue reading »

¿¿Oye wapa, adónde vas??

In college, before I left for a semester abroad in Spain, I spent several hours in myriad Mandatory Meetings. I was given information about how to approach every hypothetical problem imaginable: What if I need to go to the doctor? Can I get allergy shots abroad? If I hate my host family can I move … Continue reading »

I can smell the mercadillo from here…

Yesterday I had my first encounter with Sevilla’s mercadillos. A mercadillo is an enormous Sunday market (or whatever day it happens to land on)—you can buy fruit, baby shoes, sweater socks, see-through thongs, boxer briefs in a marijuana-leaf print, knock-off designer purses, pirated “Air Bud” DVDs, assorted fabric, jewelry and just about anything else you … Continue reading »

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