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XOXO, Cat Lady Abroad

Okay, blogging. I’m fairly sure I remember how to do this. Right now I wish I had done this blog differently from the start—namely, written it under a pseudonym and created a space where I could write honestly and unapologetically (like a pathetic, aging “Gossip Girl” abroad; XOXO, ~**Lauren**~~). But I didn’t do that, so … Continue reading »

Alicante in the off season

Last weekend I traveled to Alicante, making my first Real Trip out of Sevilla since I’ve moved back to Spain. Joder y’all. The decision to go wasn’t particularly well thought-out (on my part); my friend Christine registered to run a half marathon in Santa Pola, a town 30 minutes south of Alicante, and mentioned that … Continue reading »

Their kind of town, Chicago is…

Today was a good day at school. I feel like I’m 12 every time I say something like that (also: “…On a school night? I don’t think so”). My technology class, which has been something of a weekly failure since I started at the high school, went better today than it has all year. I … Continue reading »

Lately, things have happened.

Namely: I solved the mystery of the pan flute guy. I used to complain about the pan flute guy when I lived in Triana. My attempts at siesta were constantly interrupted by tunes from (arguably) the world’s most obnoxious instrument. I assumed it came from a hobo in my neighborhood. Turns out, the culprit is … Continue reading »

Everytime I draw on the board it ends up looking like a phallus.

This is a problem when working with teenagers—or when working with students of just about any age, but teenagers will laugh more and make you feel worse about it. Today was my first day back at work after an epic and craptastic return to Spain that included three airports, three drawn-out TSA security procedures and … Continue reading »


I’ve been waiting to update this blog; the past few weeks I’ve been consciously neglectful. Busy, but not so bogged down that I couldn’t have logged on and written something. I thought often about writing something, which is part of the problem. With all this time to dwell on what I could potentially write, I … Continue reading »

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

I’d tell you that I’ve had writer’s block, but that isn’t true. I have two (very long) post drafts currently rotting away in my WordPress dashboard: one from last week about Calle Betis that I ditched because it started to feel gimmicky and stupid; another from today that I abandoned because it started to get … Continue reading »

Holiday scenes in Sevilla

Did you catch that? Holiday scenes. I’m being politically correct and accommodating to persons from all faith backgrounds. Ah, but screw it—this is Spain. Let’s call a spade a spade and a belén a belén: These are totally Christmastime photos, taken by me, an amateur who can barely operate a point-and-shoot camera. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ayuntamiento … Continue reading »

Blog about a blog

I’d make another Russian doll reference here but that would be two in a row (see prom dress description in my last post). So I won’t. This is, however, a blog about blogging. Actually, a blog about a blog. Kirstie and I went to the Evento Blog España last month, or #EBE11 if you’re guay … Continue reading »

No to fairytales, yes to the Feria

I was never a princess-y little girl. By a certain age, I had developed an incurable aversion to anything pink or frilly. I loved to play dress-up, but more along the lines of wearing one of my mom’s old bridesmaid dresses (obviously not one of her favorites) and choreographing dances to Gloria Estefan songs; it … Continue reading »

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