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Siebs no longer in Spain

I flew home from Sevilla on June 8. I’ve been back for just over three weeks, and in that time I’ve already found a job, bought a car and moved. I’m relieved to be out of Spain. When I think about the past nine months, it’s like they never happened. I can only remember them … Continue reading »

Confession from the Tin Woman

Sometimes when I’m sure that my heart has all but frozen, I have a fleeting tender moment with my roommate’s cat. This cat is temperamental with a diva’s caprice. She is only entertained by cardboard boxes, grocery bags and the leather straps from boots, and she grows bored of playing as soon as she starts. … Continue reading »

It’s been a really long week,

and right now this is the only thing that makes me feel better. (I know, the song is old and Kreayshawn doesn’t write her own rhymes and blahblahblahblah. Da igual. Bitch you ain’t no Barbie, I see you work at Arby’s.) I’m going to Gran Canaria tomorrow which is objectively awesome (you can’t find that? … Continue reading »

XOXO, Cat Lady Abroad

Okay, blogging. I’m fairly sure I remember how to do this. Right now I wish I had done this blog differently from the start—namely, written it under a pseudonym and created a space where I could write honestly and unapologetically (like a pathetic, aging “Gossip Girl” abroad; XOXO, ~**Lauren**~~). But I didn’t do that, so … Continue reading »


I’ve been waiting to update this blog; the past few weeks I’ve been consciously neglectful. Busy, but not so bogged down that I couldn’t have logged on and written something. I thought often about writing something, which is part of the problem. With all this time to dwell on what I could potentially write, I … Continue reading »

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

I’d tell you that I’ve had writer’s block, but that isn’t true. I have two (very long) post drafts currently rotting away in my WordPress dashboard: one from last week about Calle Betis that I ditched because it started to feel gimmicky and stupid; another from today that I abandoned because it started to get … Continue reading »

Blog about a blog

I’d make another Russian doll reference here but that would be two in a row (see prom dress description in my last post). So I won’t. This is, however, a blog about blogging. Actually, a blog about a blog. Kirstie and I went to the Evento Blog España last month, or #EBE11 if you’re guay … Continue reading »

The Reconquista (no, not that one)

I know I’ve already gotten into this topic—the feeling of, “So I’m back in Seville… now what?” I also know this blog has been more mopey and neurotic since I graduated. Gross, right? When I studied here, everything was new and fascinating and frustrating and exhilarating and I was compelled to write about it. I … Continue reading »

Somebody save me from myself

Wanted: A full-time life coach to keep me away from Calle Sierpes, Nervión Plaza and any other nearby area with trendy women’s clothing stores. Requirements: strong persuasion skills, a plethora of distraction techniques and physical strength, which will be needed to restrain me when my internal compass leads me toward Stradivarius. I don’t know what … Continue reading »

Early Thoughts on Spain-Part-Deux

Before I came back to Seville I made a big deal about how different it was going to be this time. None of the same friends, a new reason for being here, a different stage in my life, blah blah blahblhbalbhalh. I knew I’d lose the proverbial rose-colored glasses that I’d firmly placed over my … Continue reading »

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