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Alicante in the off season

Last weekend I traveled to Alicante, making my first Real Trip out of Sevilla since I’ve moved back to Spain. Joder y’all. The decision to go wasn’t particularly well thought-out (on my part); my friend Christine registered to run a half marathon in Santa Pola, a town 30 minutes south of Alicante, and mentioned that … Continue reading »

No to fairytales, yes to the Feria

I was never a princess-y little girl. By a certain age, I had developed an incurable aversion to anything pink or frilly. I loved to play dress-up, but more along the lines of wearing one of my mom’s old bridesmaid dresses (obviously not one of her favorites) and choreographing dances to Gloria Estefan songs; it … Continue reading »

…and nearly two years later, I make it to Cádiz.

When I studied abroad in Sevilla, Cádiz was one of the first day trips offered through my program. It’s also the only trip through that I missed—I found a cheap flight to Rome the same weekend of the Cádiz excursion and opted to visit my family in Italy. So that was my first missed Cádiz … Continue reading »

Semana Santa in Sevilla

Here’s a short clip of El Cachorro exiting the cathedral on Jueves Santo, or Holy Thursday. It’s not a great video, as I was abusing the zoom function from behind a tree, but you can see the whole float pretty well. I always used to associate the smell of incense with going to mass, but … Continue reading »

The Resurrection of Christ: no big deal.

Sieben Family Vaycay in Spain ended a few hours of ago. We crammed a lot of this country into one short week: Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Torremolinos, Ronda, Jeréz de la Frontera, Sevilla. I’m exhausted just typing out the list. Technically, the tour we’ve been traveling with is still going. My family left Sevilla this morning … Continue reading »

Spanish phrase of the day: “Estar mareada.”

I did it. Got a new hole in my face. Gathered the nerve to have my nose pierced. Before pulling the trigger I talked to a few people who have nose piercings, all of whom assured me that it only hurts like a pinch. I don’t know how you people pinch each other, but having … Continue reading »

Oh girl, shock me like an electric… fire.

My weekend started off with a bang. Literally. I’m not purposely abusing a cliche. On Thursday night I was sprawled on the living room couch when I heard explosions, and naturally I didn’t get off my ass to look out the window. Every day is a new orchestra of mind-numbingly loud, ugly sounds, so I … Continue reading »

On romance, and caves

Happy February 14. This Valentine’s Day is arguably less meaningful than any other I’ve experienced in all my 20 years. I won’t spend it scrambling to book a restaurant reservation (see: 2009), nor will I hand deliver Snoopy and Charlie Brown valentines to every little troll in my third grade class, including the boys I … Continue reading »

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