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Out & about in Seville

I might be backtracking here, but…

…it’s like an Expat God read my last post and threw me a bone in the form of a beautiful day (19°Celsius and sunny on Dec. 1, joder y’all), a great day at work and a perfect combination of songs on iPod shuffle for my walk home through the Macarena. There may have been lip synching involved. And some Billy Joel.

And then God said unto me: “Shut ye weary mouth, log out of ye weary blog and head to the streets for a cervecita. Now.” And I obeyed.

Off to be with my fickle mistress of the south, Cruzcampo (Photo courtesy of OcioyViajes.net).



One Response to “I might be backtracking here, but…”

  1. it’s always good to have a cerveza mandated from on high

    Posted by Hayley | December 2, 2011, 10:07 am

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