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I’d make another Russian doll reference here but that would be two in a row (see prom dress description in my last post). So I won’t.

This is, however, a blog about blogging. Actually, a blog about a blog. Kirstie and I went to the Evento Blog España last month, or #EBE11 if you’re guay like us and up on the Twitterlingo.

Kirstie already wrote a post on #EBE11 that perfectly summarizes the whole experience. If you’re curious about the differences between U.S. and Spanish conventions (something you’ve always wondered about, I’m sure), then take a peek. I’ll also add that the venue, Pavilion of the Future, looked like the inside of a Costco. I actually wish it had been the inside of a Costco so that we could have sampled the shit out of every frozen fish stick, cup of instant coffee and chewable multivitamin available at the ends of the aisles. Maybe something to think about adding #nextyear, guys.

So check out Kirstie’s post. I’ve been sick for three days now and I’ve missed both days of my pathetic two-day work week (we have two holidays this week). I’m expecting this combination of antibiotics and jarabe to hurry up and nuke my system, quitando all the mocos from my body as it does. I’m not going to translate that last part because it’s pretty gross; menos mal if you don’t understand.

Anyways, being home sick for more than a day is driving me batty insane. I’m bored but feeling too awful to do anything. So today I’m working on a PowerPoint presentation about the birth of my country.

I’ve overloaded it with information that will overwhelm my students. When I’m a little more lucid I plan on looking it over again and paring back on all the details. Maybe I’ll just reduce it to: Colonies –> War –> Constitution –> Happiness. I also got to incorporate this pretty sweet photo.



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