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Not something I’m compelled to see again. I finally went to La Maestranza and saw the whole ordeal for myself, for those of you who ask on the regular if I go to bullfights (which is probably none of you, since the people who ask me about bullfights on the regular tend not to be … Continue reading »

Lately, things have happened.

Namely: I solved the mystery of the pan flute guy. I used to complain about the pan flute guy when I lived in Triana. My attempts at siesta were constantly interrupted by tunes from (arguably) the world’s most obnoxious instrument. I assumed it came from a hobo in my neighborhood. Turns out, the culprit is … Continue reading »

Holiday scenes in Sevilla

Did you catch that? Holiday scenes. I’m being politically correct and accommodating to persons from all faith backgrounds. Ah, but screw it—this is Spain. Let’s call a spade a spade and a belén a belén: These are totally Christmastime photos, taken by me, an amateur who can barely operate a point-and-shoot camera. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ayuntamiento … Continue reading »

No to fairytales, yes to the Feria

I was never a princess-y little girl. By a certain age, I had developed an incurable aversion to anything pink or frilly. I loved to play dress-up, but more along the lines of wearing one of my mom’s old bridesmaid dresses (obviously not one of her favorites) and choreographing dances to Gloria Estefan songs; it … Continue reading »

Somebody save me from myself

Wanted: A full-time life coach to keep me away from Calle Sierpes, Nervión Plaza and any other nearby area with trendy women’s clothing stores. Requirements: strong persuasion skills, a plethora of distraction techniques and physical strength, which will be needed to restrain me when my internal compass leads me toward Stradivarius. I don’t know what … Continue reading »

Early Thoughts on Spain-Part-Deux

Before I came back to Seville I made a big deal about how different it was going to be this time. None of the same friends, a new reason for being here, a different stage in my life, blah blah blahblhbalbhalh. I knew I’d lose the proverbial rose-colored glasses that I’d firmly placed over my … Continue reading »

Bathing, “Arab” style

The Arab baths are a popular spot Sevilla. I would like to start this post with a bit of background on Arab baths, but a Google search only yields Turkish baths—same diff? I don’t know—and several websites for touristy bath spots in Andalusia. Although I’m sure there’s some historical value here, it seems safe to … Continue reading »

Never too cool for school

Today I met a 12-year-old girl after my own heart. This girl, we’ll call her Pilar, just for anonymity’s sake. She is in one of my social studies classes and she sits in the front row, center seat. She’s a violent hand-raiser—you know the type, the kid whose arm shoots up before the teacher even … Continue reading »

Here, something to look at

In keeping with the theme of my rather confessional-style blog, I could detail the ups and downs of the past few days. That’s what I’m tempted to do. An unintentional motif here is my struggle with anxiety (if you don’t believe me, take a look at the tag cloud—”unsolicited introspection,” “sobbing,” etc). I’m not presenting … Continue reading »

Mujer al borde de un ataque de nervios

Another Wednesday, another balmy night in Sevilla, another day closer to my pending anxiety attack over going home. I’ve managed to sleep a little bit since the Great Mosquito Incident of 2010, which helps to postpone said anxiety attack, and I just gracefully uncorked a bottle of Portuguese wine that I brought back from Lisbon. … Continue reading »

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