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Not something I’m compelled to see again. I finally went to La Maestranza and saw the whole ordeal for myself, for those of you who ask on the regular if I go to bullfights (which is probably none of you, since the people who ask me about bullfights on the regular tend not to be … Continue reading »

Mo’ Feria, menos mal

It’s finally time to talk about the Feria de Abril. I wrote in December about how excited I was to have a dress made this year. For a while, things were moving slow in the dressmaking department; I went for pruebas (fitting) with Elisa a few weeks ago and was worried about the fit—Shouldn’t it … Continue reading »

Holiday scenes in Sevilla

Did you catch that? Holiday scenes. I’m being politically correct and accommodating to persons from all faith backgrounds. Ah, but screw it—this is Spain. Let’s call a spade a spade and a belén a belén: These are totally Christmastime photos, taken by me, an amateur who can barely operate a point-and-shoot camera. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ayuntamiento … Continue reading »

No to fairytales, yes to the Feria

I was never a princess-y little girl. By a certain age, I had developed an incurable aversion to anything pink or frilly. I loved to play dress-up, but more along the lines of wearing one of my mom’s old bridesmaid dresses (obviously not one of her favorites) and choreographing dances to Gloria Estefan songs; it … Continue reading »

Bathing, “Arab” style

The Arab baths are a popular spot Sevilla. I would like to start this post with a bit of background on Arab baths, but a Google search only yields Turkish baths—same diff? I don’t know—and several websites for touristy bath spots in Andalusia. Although I’m sure there’s some historical value here, it seems safe to … Continue reading »

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